Christopher and Family

Welcome to Smart Gifts From Home, a website that has been born very much through the circumstances my wife Tina and myself found ourselves in.

Circumstances that we now realise many parents world wide are having to deal with. Unfortunately many of those parents, perhaps you are one of them, finding you are feeling all alone without any support and because of a situation that was not chosen, you find your so called friends dwindling away.

It wasn't until we had to start fighting for everything we needed for our severely autistic son and then started talking to other parents in the same situation that we realised that there were probably hundreds, no thousands, across the world who felt the same as us. A feeling of being alone, not knowing where to turn for help and perhaps feeling a little sorry for our selves because we believed we were the only ones affected by autism.

Christopher at the Zoo

Having found all sorts of help and support my wife and I felt it only right to pass on any knowledge we had gained to those who might find it useful. That is one of the main reasons we took the decision to write our book about experiences living with Christopher and his severe autism.

To let people know the truth about our lives and how difficult things can get for anyone in our position. Much of the media coverage on autism appears to concentrate on aspergers or mild autism, we wanted to expose the worst.

Christopher at 9 and a half

We also realised when we received reviews from people who have read the book that so many out there affected by autism feel they are on their own. Many have said my book has given them hope and comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone, they are not the only ones suffering a life sentence. That is why within our website, where we are selling my book, toys and items that might be great for all children but in particular autistic kids, as well as many other useful products and gifts we have included a forum. Somewhere where parents, grandparents and friends can share their experiences and seek help from those with similar problems.

Tina and I have started the forum off by including some of the reviews we have received in the hope that others will share their experiences with us.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences in the knowledge that you will be taking a positive step to help others just like yourselves.

I hope you enjoy looking through the site and that you find what you may be looking for. Our products will be constantly updated so please do take time to revisit from time to time.